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Wood has character

Most floorings become unattractive when they get older, but wooden floorings become more beautiful by and by. Every trace you leave on them tells a story. That is why we say: “wood lives”.

Furthermore, wood have already character while getting installed. That means each wood product is unique regarding color, grain and texture. Any samples are intended to be suggestive of final product. These natural characteristics cannot be eliminated completely, but may not exceed 5% of the whole delivered quantity. For solid wood planks, small dimension tolerances (+/- 0,30 mm) are usual and unavoidable.


Below mentioned classifications give a short overview of the grading of the common wood type oak.

The definition of the grading is fundamentally based on 4 quality criterions:

  • Select: Sporadic smaller, healthy knots, natural wood colour, harmonious grain, growth-related differences in colour, in principle free of sapwood.
  • Nature: Healthy, compactly grown, as well medium and filled knots, growth-related differences in colour, in principle free of sapwood.
  • Markant: filled knots, compactly grown knots, vivid structure, differences in colour, smaller cracks, other wood typical characteristics and sapwood.
  • Rustic: filled knots, open knots as well and filled surface cracks, all wood typical characteristics, cracks at head- and long sides, unlimited sapwood, technically proper.

Normative references

HKS-solid wood planks are produced according to EN 13629 (solid hardwood flooring planks) and EN 13990 (solid softwood flooring planks). HKS - engineered floorings are produced according to EN 13489.