• BPC DIY-Fencing

Flexible and easy to clean

When it comes to BPC-fencing we also profit from the positive aspects of bamboo. It is sustainable and considerat for the resources. The modern fence brings fresh colors into your garden and is perfectly matching to our BPC-deckings. The DIY-fence has a low maintenance, is very durable and UV resistant.

No need of coating or oiling. It also offers a wide range of combination possibilities. You can vary the fencing in height and width as well. The decorative panels are available in aluminium and satinised glass with stripes and bring your personal touch into your backyard. The DIY fence is easy to handle and installed very quick.

  • Individual adjustable in height and width
  • Combinable with decorative alu or glass panels
  • Steel-reinforced posts to put in concrete
  • Posts can be installed on edges
  • Carton packaging for an easier handle
  • Easy maintenance and long lasting
  • darable
  • Color- and UV resistant
  • No need of coating or oiling


6,5 MB

The color range

You can choose from nature tones like „anthracite“, „mahogany“, "grey" and from our trendcolor „bicolor white“ – you can also combine those four.

Co-extruded bicolor surface

The BPC profiles got a particular protection because of the additional coating. Co-extruded surfaces are very durable and not sensible when it comes to scratches and dirt.

The Posts

The 3-sides-grooved posts can be used as edge, midle or end posts. And don’t worry if it’s getting a little stormy. The steel-reinforced posts won’t break.

For visual reasons the BPC covering profiles can be used to cover free grooves.


To give the fencing your individual touch please use the decorative panels in aluminium or glass with a height of 30 cm (equals 2 BPC-profiles). Even years after installing it is possible to vary in height and width.