• News 2023

Protect Duo

The Hightech-decking with a noble wood-look

The new Protect Duo-Decking is invincable. One plank, two modern colors with a bicolor Look and an impressive nature woodgrain. This type of decking fits perfect into every surrounding. The Protect Duo is nearly industrectible because of the coating.

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Protect Duo XL

Superior quality and long-lasting performance

Protect Duo XL will add value and quality to your home and your life. It does not require any hassle or upkeep. You’ll save precious time, energy and money. The capped surface material ensures no moisture penetrates the boards.

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The cheaper one for beginners

BPC Basic is the lightest one among our BPC deckings, however very stable. For the stability it has 6 supports inside. With its competitive price the Basic decking fits to every budget. Especially usable for simple constructions.

BPC deckings