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Sustainable and very hard

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable resources in the world. It absorbs CO2 in large quantities. With its properties comparable to hardwood, moso bamboo is the ideal alternative to tropical hardwoods. Although giant bamboo is formally not a wood but a grass, it has excellent hardwood like characteristics. Bamboo decking can be used in heavy duty applications, as it is very hard and durable. Because of the composition of individual strips, moso bamboo will shrink and swell less than most solid wood species, providing a very stable solution.


Bamboo is an `endless’ resource. It grows faster than any other plant; up to 1 meter per day! Each year the 4–5 year stems are harvested, providing room for the younger bamboo to grow to maturity. After harvesting the mother plant, new shoots continue to develop from the root system. Bamboo deckings are the superior choice for all exterior decking applications and have been used world-wide in many commercial and residential projects.

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Bamboo deckings

All our Bamboo decking include our exclusive tongue & grooved end matched system to attach the planks seamlessly together. The dark Bamboo deckings incorporate producer‘s patented fusion technology. Bamboo light deckings are manufactured with a new patented CeramiX® technology which allows the deckings to keep their natural bamboo colour. Both of these superior bamboo products are qualified for commercial and residential outdoor applications.

Bamboo deckings XL

Bamboo decking XL is our new extra wide board with extra stable feature. Bamboo XL is unique and eye-catching with the natural beauty and appearance of bamboo. It fits in natural and modern surroundings. Thanks to the T&G end match there is no head side gap between boards.

Care & maintenance

Both bamboo light and bamboo dark change color when exposed to the elements. This color change, known as greying or silvering, can be prevented by applying a finish to the decking. All of our bamboo deckings are preoiled. To keep the colour maintenance should be done with exterior oil teak colour at least once a year starting approximately 4 months after installation.





Bamboo deckings are grooved on their sides and can be easily installed with hidden fasteners on aluminium or hardwood joists. With the T&G end matched system the planks can be put seamlessly together.


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