• HKS Vinyl Rigid/SPC

    180 x 5,2/0,5 x 1.220 mm

Redesign your rooms with vinyl in a wooden look!

When it comes to hygiene, durability and resistance against water, our Rigid/SPC vinyl wins through. This is particularly appreciated by families with children and pets. HKS vinyl flooring is suitable for both private and commercial areas and can be laid in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens or basements without any problems. What makes this product so special is its extremely durable base. The Rigid/SPC version is significantly more form-stable than standard vinyl flooring. In addition, the patented click connection (unipush) is a component of the base board, giving it extra strength and durability. The integrated underlay is another advantage.

Why choose vinyl from HKS?
  •   suitable for both private and commercial areas with high traffic
  •   quick and easy installation due to patented click connection
  •   comfortable room acoustics through integrated impact-sound insulation
  •   can be installed on underfloor heating and in humid rooms (except wet rooms) without any problems
  •   attractive decors in a cosy wooden plank look
  •   excellent for renovation
  •   durable, easy to maintain and long-lasting
  •   ideal for families with children and pets

Thickness: 5,2 mm
Top layer: 0,5 mm
Dimensions: 180 x 1.220 mm

1 mm black IXPE – 15 times foaming, medium high density