• Hardwood deckings

Extend your living space into you garden

Hardwood deckings resist even wind and bad weather. After years of different types of weather they get their own characteristics. For us and our partners in southamerica and indonesia quality, durability and sustainability are very important by choosing our hardwood deckings. The chosen hardwoods are convincing with highest technical characteristics and an exclusive look. Smooth surfaces underline the special character and the natural charme of each type of wood.

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Premium quality and extremely durable

Unimpressed this noble wood resists all weather and develops its own special character. Ipe is extremely durable, especially dimensionally stable and effectively free of knots, sapwood and interlocked grain. Its light, lively colour gradient is well shown on the smooth plank.


Various and charming

Cumaru is our lively allrounder. It shows its many talents on your porch, around your swimming pool or on your roof top terrace. It does not bleed out and absorbs humidity only very slowly. The typical interlocked grain underlines the natural charm of this noble wood.

Guyana Teak / Basralocus

The plank with the exotical flair

Guyana Teak comes from sustainably managed forests in Surinam. Its exclusive look is a real eye catcher. The light color variation and grain are perfectly outlined by the European planning. With its silver patina Guyana Teak becomes more beautiful with every year. Guyana Teak, also known as Basralocus, ist definitely one of our favorites. Due to the european planning the smooth surface is visible at it’s best.


Smooth and durable

Garapa comes with a plain, uniform colour and especially fine texture. At the beginning it is lightly yellow like honey and becomes nut brown with time. It is very dimensionally stable with a dense surface that is nearly free of knots. Furthermore it does not bleed out.

Bangkirai / Yellow Balau

Well known and durable

The classic profiled decking. Bangkirai is well known since many years for terrace deckings. It has all needed characteristics for decking by being durable, natural and stable. Perfect to go with every kind of weather.


Hardwood deckings

HKS-hardwood deckings are well known for their excellent technical characteristics, very good durability classes and an attractive look, which guarantee an exclusive and vivid appearance.


Our woods are durable, functional and exotic. We have a very close cooperation with our manufacturers in Southeast Asia and South America, who ensure the sustainability of your products by having a responsible forest management. We guarantee that HKS-Garden products will come from reliable, well-known and sustainable manufacturers only. The combination of a thorough product choice, careful planning and correct laying is the basis for the realisation of your garden dreams.

As a general rule: a terrace decking is no living room flooring. Hard wood deckings are a natural product with an enormous variety of natural characteristics.


Care and maintenance

Hardwood deckings don’t need much maintenance and thanks to their hard surface they are very resistant to all kinds of environmental influences. Dirt can be easily removed with a hard brush and soapy water. For very obstinate stain (like rust for example) a brass brush or fine grinding paper can help. Please don’t use a high pressure cleaner as the surface might be damaged severely.


Please remove any dirt or leaves from the gaps between the deckings regularly. With that you can avoid fungal attack and humidity on your terrace.


Discolorations caused by ferric tannin can be removed with oxalic acid (please follow the special using instructions of the producer). After that the decking should be treated with a protective oil.