• a-terra

    living on pure nature

Diversity, Quality, Innovation

Those three characteristics stand for our a-terra collection. Wooden floorings are classic, timeless and elegant for hundrets of years. The nature surfaces connect the classic aesthetic with modern technique.

Naturalness, an easy installation and unproblematic maintenance are important for the a-terra line. This collection also captivates with its elegant coloring which was envolved by architects and designers.

The whole a-terra line has a special surface which is directly ready for installation.

Colors not only affect feelings, thoughts and moods, colors  can also change a complete room and give it an individual character. a-terra is available in  snow, white smoke, sand dune, barley corn, shadow, bokara grey, umber and nero.

The a-terra collection defines a new benchmark

In close cooperation with interior architects and designers, our company developed a series of wooden floors over a period of one year, with a colour spectrum which is precisely tailored to the needs of modern interior designers.

The entire a-terra collection also comes with a specially finished surface that does not require any finishing and is ready for instant installation. A fully service-oriented concept also ensures a high level of professionalism and perfection in the realisation of your project.


  • Construction: Engineered oak plank, 2-layer,
    • Oak top layer 4 / 6 mm
    • Birch plywood base 12 / 15 mm
  • Profile: Tongue & Groove all around, Microbevel longsides (GO2)
  • Surface: Fine structured, oiled ready for living
  • Grading: natural
  • Underfloor heating: suitable on water based system
    • 16 mm thermal resistance 0,094 m2 K/W
    • 21 mm thermal resistance 0,124 m2 K/W
  • Fire resistance: 16 mm Dfl-s1,  21 mm Cfl-s1
  • Dimension:
    • 16/4 x 180 / 240 / 280 x 2.400 mm
    • 16/4 x 180 / 240 / 280 x 3.000 mm
    • 21/6 x 180 / 240 / 280 x 2.400 mm
    • 21/6 x 180 / 240 / 280 x 3.000 mm



Snow is the white shade from the a-terra collection. It stands for purity and simplicity. With its bright and clear radiance, snow symbolises peace and spirituality.

White smoke is a light, white shaded colour, in which the wood structure shines through. It is compatible with all colours in the room and is surprisingly versatile.

Sand dune communicates the sensation of a light sand colour. This is associated with a feeling of security, relaxation and recuperation. The colour shade appears unobtrusive but durable.

Barley corn symbolises naturalness and lightness within the collection. It is restrained, balancing and versatile. In addition, barley corn communicates relaxation, a sense of well-being and calm.

Shadow stands as a light grey for a classic look in interior design. Shadow is the colour of restraint. It takes a step back in favour of a greater whole.

Bokara grey brings elegance into your rooms. This medium grey looks very noble, is versatile and can be combined well with dominant colours. A combination with other grey tones creates high tension.

Umber is a combination of dark grey and brown tones. It symbolises our origins and our roots. This familiarity creates warmth and security.

Nero adds depth and texture to surfaces. This dark shade emphasises the brightness of neighbouring colours. Nero appears mysterious, dramatic and elegant.