• BPC deckings

    The ecologically reasonable alternative to hardwood

The best made from bamboo

As one of the fastest growing renewable resources of the world, bamboo is an ecological alternative to hardwood in the outdoor area. BPC is a weatherproof composite of 60% bamboo flour, 30% recycled polyethylene (polymers) and 10% additives (UV-blockers, colour pigments). Our high quality BPC deckings are durable and resistant to colour changes and UV. BPC deckings are easy to install and easy to clean. They do not require additional treatments with oil or solvents. Our BPC deckings are available in a large colour range based upon natural colour tones, like trendy shades of grey or warm wooden colours. You may choose from a great variety of lengths, widths and structures.

6,5 MB

Protect Duo co-ex, bicolor

The Hightech-decking with a noble wood-look

The new Protect Duo-Decking is invincable. One plank, two modern colors with a bicolor Look and an impressive nature woodgrain. This type of decking fits perfect into every surrounding. The Protect Duo is nearly industrectible because of the coating.


Profile decking: 2-sides wooden structure

Protect Duo XL co-ex, bicolor

Superior quality and long-lasting performance

Protect Duo XL will add value and quality to your home and your life. It does not require any hassle or upkeep. You’ll save precious time, energy and money. The capped surface material ensures no moisture penetrates the boards.


Profile decking: 2-sides wooden structure


The bicolor decking for highest standards of view

Bicolor deckings become more and more popular. The two colour tone gives this special natural looking touch to the deckings. Every decking is unique thanks to the bicoloring with an individual colour gradient.

Profile decking: wooden structure / smooth

Effect XL

The exclusive bicolor decking in XL

The trendy decking Effect is now available as XL size as well. The high quality decking in nice bicolor Look is an impressing improvement for every garden. The wiped colour in four atmospheric, intensive vintage colours is fascinating.


Profile decking: wooden structure / smooth


The classic one for all uses

With two classic profiles and five warm trendy colors our classic decking fits to every garden. Our new color “sand” looks nearly the same as real wood. Classic sand outside looks great in combination with oak flooring inside.


Profile decking: grooved / reeded



The cheaper one for beginners

BPC Basic is the lightest one among our BPC deckings, however very stable. For the stability it has 6 supports inside. With its competitive price the Basic decking fits to every budget. Especially usable for simple constructions.


Profile decking: grooved / smooth

Care & maintenance

Place sliders of plastic or felt under all furniture, flower pots or shade stands to protect the surface against scratches and other damage. Water spots occur on new decks in particular due to the evaporation of rainwater. This is a temporary phenomenon and generally disappears on its own after 1–2 months or with the help of water and some dish soap.

Mud, dirt and algae or moss can be removed with warm water and deck cleaner. Heavy dirt can be loosened with a plastic brush (you may also use a rotary disc sander with deck cleaning brush). Oils, greases and discolouring liquids should be removed quickly with dish soap. Damage such as scratches or burn marks should be removed carefully as far as possible with steel wool, sanding paper or an abrasive fabric.




With our special stainless steel clip installation of your decking is done fastly, easily and without visible screws. Depending on the assembly situation you can choose from hollowed supports, solid or aluminium. In order to close the edges for a more harmonic look we recommend our L-profiles from BPC or aluminium.

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